Community Spirit in Kabinnulig Festival  


Vol. 1 Issue 6, JUNE 2016 …. PAGE 4


We commend the chairmen and members of the different organizing committees for their efforts in the recently-concluded Kabinnulig Festival. The event could not have been possible without them.

      For the past 11 years, the Kabinnulig Festival continues to give inspiration to the people of Flora. The event is a way of showing the strong cooperation and unity within the community. The community spirit remains the central focus.

     (This news publication has adopted its name Kabinnulig for the simple reason of being a partner also for community development.)     

      It was during the incumbency of former Mayor Richard De San Jose that the idea of holding an event recognizing this community spirit had started. In this context, the carabao is also recognized for its important role especially for the local farmers.

      On May 2005, Kabinnulig Festival was held for the first time. The date was moved later to coincide with the town’s Founding Anniversary on June 22.

     Each year since then, a carabao race is a major event in the festival program. Even the healthiest carabao is given recognition. (See story on page 13). The commercial sale of carabao and cow is prohibited, though very recently, the local legislature lifted the ordinance and crafted strict enforcement on the slaughter of large cattle only and prohibited young ones while being more lenient on prices.

     On June 22, 2012 during the incumbency of the late Mayor Efren De San Jose, the Kabinnulig Float competition was launched and became one of the main highlights.

      The float contest is participated by all 16 barangays, featuring, of course, the carabao as well as the various local farm products. Barangay Balasi became the first back-to-back winner this year (page 8-9).

      Another regular program of the festival is the Libnos Ti Flora but the local version of the beauty and brains pageant had been skipped from this year. It is expected to be back in due time.

     On center stage this time were the contestants in the Little Mr. and Miss Flora (page 6-7). 

     The raffle draw has become a regular hit.

     Other events included a job fair, medical and dental mission (page 5), zumba challenge (page 10), street dance contest (page 11), cultural night (page 14) and the indigenous games (page 12-13), which was one of the biggest crowd drawers this year.

     Sporting event is a regular part of the festival. After a long title drought, Poblacion West took the crowns in men’s basketball as well as in both men and women’s volleyball (15-16).

      The swearing-in ceremony for the newly elected officials on June 22 was timely.

      This year’s theme of Kabinnulig Festival is “Naimpapusuan a Panagkaykaysa ken Napudno a Panagserbi: Tulbek ti balligi ken rang-ay ti ili.”

       Congratulations FLORA at 53!!!




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