New ordinance lifts suspension of cow/Carabao slaughter

Vol. 1 Issue 4, April 2016

Prices of carabao meat and beef will be strictly enforced following the   recent approval of a new ordinance lifting the     suspension of the      slaughtering of large     cattle in the Municipality of Flora.

     The legislated rates are shown in the table belowPRICES this article.

During its last regular session on April 4 before going t
o a recess following the election campaign, the Sangguniang Bayan approved Resolution No. 26-2016 enacting an ordinance regulating the slaughtering of large cattle/carabao, adopting prices of meat and providing penalty for violation.

The new ordinance explains that it resolves the issue on the temporary suspension of slaughtering of said domesticated animals due to the Kabinnulig Festival which gives tribute and importance to carabao as a critical partner of farmers in routine agricultural activities, and that such suspension had been abused by some business-minded individuals.

Furthermore, in Municipal Ordinance No. 04-2016 only two large cattle is allowed to be slaughtered in a week with proof of ownership and in a designated slaughterhouse.



SANGGUNIANG Bayan Member Clapton R. De San Jose (right), Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Trade, Industry and Cooperative, discusses several issues regarding an ordinance regulating the slaughtering of large cattle during a committee hearing on March 9 attended by stakeholders that included Flora MPS chief Robert Balunos, vendor Marissa Usita, Municipal Treasurer Lorna Ulep and  Agriculture Office head Evelyn Cabulay. Also present are SB Secretary Nicolas Rey De San Jose, legislative staff Arnel Cayetano, Noelle Rodriguez and Maribel Laforteza.

Performing such activities outside the slaughter area is prohibited.

A large cattle that is allowed to be slaughtered must be three years and above with corresponding penalties against those who slaughter cattle below the age limit.

Before any slaughtering activity is done, proper inspection by concern government agents such as police officer, Sanitary Inspector and municipal agriculturist.

Also for further clarification, it is also an obligation for anyone who was given a permit to slaughter to preserve the horn and brand portion of the animal that includes owner’s mark.

In cases where an animal below three years old has been severely wounded through accident or intentional, such must also be subjected to proper inspection and shall not be allowed for commercial consumption.

Anyone with business permit is not allowed to interfere in the disposal.    The owner shall be responsible for it.

The new ordinance also regulates the exit of large cattle from the municipality.

Only permittee is allowed to transport large cattle upon compliance with the requirements.

It also prohibits transporting of said animals during nighttime otherwise they will be apprehended.

Checkpoints will be set-up in all exit areas such as Layunin, Catabu and Catarawan, Tamalunog, Allig, Malayugan, Nagurayan and Atok.

Penalties against violators include P1,000 for first offense, P1,500 for second offense and P2,500 and cancellation of Mayor’s Permit to operate business for third offense.

129 units collected from blood donors

Vol. 1 Issue 4, April 2016

A total of 129 units of blood had been collected so far after a series of bloodletting activities in separate barangay venues in the Municipality of Flora.Untitled7

     This was a joint-effort by the Department of Health in Apayao Province, the Rural Health Unit of Local Government Unit-Flora and Barangay-LGU.

The blood (500cc per unit) has been deposited to the Far North

PHOTO CAPTION: Staff from the Department of Health and Rural Health Unit of LGU-Flora do their job at bloodletting activity. Donors include members of the Civilian Armed Force Geographical Unit based in the area as shown in this photo. Three youngsters enjoying  the  activities at the Barangay Gym on March 17.

Luzon General Hospital and Training Center Blood Bank in Quirino, Luna.

Based on the data provided by the Rural Health Unit Medical Technologist Chariebee Cuecaco, the total 2015 figures show that 68 units of blood were collected from donors during activities at Anninipan and Poblacion East.

The 2016 data show that 61 units have been collected from donors at Malayugan on March 17 and Tamalunog on March 18.

As per barangay accomplishment, the data shows the collected units are the following: Atok 4, Tamalunog 6, Poblacion West 3, Poblacion East 8, Malubibit Sur 5, Malubibit Norte 3, Bagutong 1, Malayugan 22, Balluyan 3, Mallig 2, Sta. Maria 1, Anninipan 2 and San Jose 1,

There were 110 potential donors screened but some were deferred. The target for eligible blood donors is two percent of total population in each barangay every year.

Cuecaco said that the interval of blood donation is at least 60 days from the date that a donor has been last taken.

The Barangay-LGU shall provide the meals and snacks for all participants.

Each donor had been given a  Card, certifying the bearer as member of the FNLGHTC-Blood Bank’s Donor Club and that he/she has donated blood on the dates indicated in the card. For more information, please call/text 09262026307 or        e-mail


Pob. East most peaceful barangay in Cordillera

Vol. 1 Issue 2, January-February 2016
 With a crime solution efficiency of 90.90 percent, effective council leaders and tanods actively participating, Flora’s Barangay Poblacion East is now enjoying the reputation as the most peaceful barangay in the Cordillera Administrative Region.

The plaque of commendation was awarded by the Regional Search Committee for the most outstanding barangay in the 2015 Regional Search for Outstanding Barangay Peace and Order ComUntitled9

PHOTO CAPTION: Chairman  Manny Biggayan and Mayor Rodolfo Juan hold the plaque of commendation for Poblacion East being the most outstanding barangay in terms of peace and order in Cordillera Administrative Region in 2015.  This was shown to the municipal employees during the Christmas program on Dec. 18, 2015 at the Dr. Efren U. De San Jose Sports Center. Joining them are MLGOO Norman Venus and Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose.     

mittee (BPOC) under the first to third class municipality category.

This was presented by MLGOO Norman Venus to Punong Barangay Manny Biggayan with the presence of Mayor Rodolfo Juan and members of the Sangguniang Bayan led by Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose at the LGU Christmas Party at the Dr. Efren U. De San Jose Memorial Sports Center on Dec. 18.

DILG-Flora under the leadership of Venus was also awarded a similar plaque of commendation for extending technical assistance that enabled Poblacion East to win the 2015 search, a big lift from its second place finish last year.

The contest period was from July 2014 to June 2015.

Biggayan thanked the residents for not making too much trouble.

Report shows that Poblacion East has systematically formulated its Barangay Safety Plan and has responded to the administrative and legislative challenges of the BPOC.

Data showed a total of 11 incidents of breaking peace and order, 10 of these were solved during the period under review.

Records also show that all its barangay law enforcers (tanods), peace keeping action teams (BPATS) and the lupong tagapamayapa members were properly trained and informed.

The Police Assistance Center and Barangay Tanod Outpost  located at the commercial center as well as the regular foot patrol also contributed to the few incidents of breaking peace and order.

The tanods and BPATs are equipped with crime prevention equipment such as whistle, night sticks, megaphone and flashlights and hand held radio.

Its current 18 tanods are properly trained by the DILG and the Philippine National Police on arrest and combat as well as on crime prevention.

Poblacion has a total population in 2015 of 2,854 with 611 households.

With a total land area of 171.01 kilometers it is composed of seven puroks namely Saranay, Bagong Silang, Buklod, Pag-asa, Layunin, Maganda and Mabuhay.

From its 2015 Internal Revenue Allotment of P2,025,082, this has increased to P2,234,02 for 2016

Selling of liquor after 10 p.m. to be prohibited

Vol. 1 Issue 3, March 2016, page 1

Selling of liquor and beverages by business establishments in Flora after 10 o’clock in the evening will soon be prohibited after the Sangguniang Bayan amended an existing ordinance and approved during the regular session last February 22.

Violators will be fined P500 for first offense, P1000 for second offense and P2500 for third offense and a cancellation of its license to operate.

This came up after the august body rejected a request resolution from the Philippine National Police banning the sale and use of liquor/intoxicants during harvest time within Flora.

IPMR Richard De San Jose said he could not allow this to happen because this would only be the time for people to enjoy since this is the only season when they have available cash.

Instead, he proposed to improved the existing laws like heavier penalties to both buyers and sellers and instruct the police to strictly enforce the law.

The existing law is the banning on the sale of liquors to minor. Another ordinance is the curfew hours that prohibit minors to stray around town after 10 p.m.

Special occasions like birthdays, weddings and other reasonable affairs are exempted from the new ordinance but the drinking of liquor must be done within or inside the residence or compound where the affair is held.

New MPS building to rise in front of Municipal Hall

Vol. 1 Issue 3, March 2016, page 1


MAYOR Rodolfo B. Juan, Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose and Police Senior Superintendent Felix C. Dayag, who is Apayo’s Provincial Director of the Philippine National Police, lead the lowering of the capsule during the groundbreaking ceremonies of the Municipal Police Station at its new site last Feb. 24 . From left are St. Joseph’s Parish Priest Rev. Romeo Dawaton, who administered a prayer and blessing, Presiding Judge Richardson Agbisit, officer-in-charge of Flora MPS PCINSP Robert Datol Balunos, SB Ex-officio member David O. Tabbaban Jr., SB Demetrio Conde, MLGOO Norman Venus, SB Cristelita Putulan, SB Aniceta Cacacho, SB Jessie Pascua and barangay chairmen Manny Biggayan of Poblacion East, Rodelio Lunggay of Allig and Marcial Pablo of Balluyan and other police officers. Photo at right is a perspective of the building.

A new Municipal Police   Station building of Flora will soon rise to its new and    permanent site at the right side corner in front of the town hall.

The P4.7 million standard type edifice with a 96-square meter floor area is patterned after those of that in the town of A
llacapan and at Abulug which is located at Barangay Libertad and all other new MPS all over the country.

    Construction has started three days after the groundbreaking rites last February 24.

Mayor Rodolfo B. Juan,  Vice Mayor Jessica L. De San Jose and PNP Provincial Director Felix C. Dayag led the simple yet historic ceremony that also included a comm4.pngprayer and blessing of the construction site and the lowering of the capsule.

Mayor Juan said this is a memorable day for Flora and this can attest that everyone deserves the maintenance of peace and order and that it should not end here though because “we want to make Flora as an example for other towns.”

PNP Regional Director PCSupt. Ulysses J. Abellera was invited to deliver a message but could nopt make it new to other important affair.

Dayag conveyed Abellera’s written message saying he is challenging the acting chief of police of Flora, PCI Robert Balunos in making sure that every element in his unit will be responsible and hardworking in the discharge of their duties.

He thanked the LGU for donating 500 square meters of lot for the first PNP building.

Camia Construction Development is the project contractor.

“Pro-Cordillera leadership aims to modernize projects particularly on upgrading the physical facilities of our police stations in the whole region to achieve the institutional reform, to provide good working atmosphere for the men and women of the PNP in securing the community 24/7 and at the same time effectively winning the hearts and mind of the people,” Abellera said.

He said that this edifice is in relation to the PNP Patrol Plan 2030 Roadmap on its first perspective in optimizing the use of financial and logistical resources.

St. Joseph’s Parish Priest Rev. Romeo Dawaton administered a prayer and blessing of the construction site.

Joining the occasion were PSupt. Joselito Cabalza, Presiding Judge Richardson Agbisit, MLGOO Norman Venus, SB Members Cristelita Putulan, Demetrio Conde, Aniceta Cacacho and Ex-Officio David O. Tabbaban Jr., barangay chairmen Manny Biggayan, Rodelio Lungay and Marcial Pablo.


Local fire brigade champion in extinguisher at Regional competition

Vol. 1 Issue No. 1 November-December 2015

Flora’s barangay fire brigade strongly competed as the team placed first in one category and second and third in two other competitions during the Regional Fire Olympics held on October 8-10 at the Baguio State University (BSU) campus in Wangal, La Trinidad, Benguet.

     The team was champion in the liquid fire extinguishment, first runner-up in bucket relay and third in busted hose connection.Read Here…