Re-naming Sampaguita St. to EKB avenue

Concerned about its historical importance, the Sangguniang Bayan has put on hold a proposal that will change Flora’s main thoroughfare from Sampaguita St. to EKB (Elias K. Bulut Sr.) Avenue.

IPMR Richard De San Jose said re-naming any street from flower to a person’s name would be difficult for members of the legislative body to decide upon.

He recalled that it was during his term as mayor when every street here in the town proper is named after known flowers of the country taking into consideration of the very essence of the word Flora.

Instead he said that the original plan to plant all the flowers in the respective streets where they are named should be revived because this would in a way help boost tourism for the municipality.

On June 22, 1963, the town was named in honor of Florence Busacay, the wife of then Kalinga-Apayao Cong. Alfredo Lamen.

MOA with ICT to upgrade CEC

The Sangguniang Bayan unanimously approved on March 28 a request resolution from the Local Chief Executive to allow the LGU-Flora to enter into Memorandum of Agreement with the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) office, which is under the Department of Science and Technology.

Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose told the members of the legislative body that this project is aimed to upgrade the Community Electronic Center (CEC).

SB firm on  non-concurrence of administrator

Despite repeated request for reconsideration from Mayor Rodolfo B. Juan, the Sangguniang Bayan stood firm on its decision not to concur the permanent appointment of Giovanni Denna as municipal administrator because of one lacking requirement in his appointment.

Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose said the legislative body’s decision is based on the premise that records show (as certified by the Personnel Selection Board) that Denna did not meet the three-year experience prescribed by the 1991 Local Government Code to be able to get a permanent position pertaining to municipal administrator.

While it extends apology to the Mayor in exercising his  prerogative function, the SB as collegial body recommends that Denna be kept at bay to fill up a position which he will be best effective in the LGU noting his above par qualifications.



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