On solid waste management: A matter of national discipline … PAGE 4



Managing our wastes starts at home. It extends to our offices or in the work places.

page 4

    It is sad to say that our country is one of the dirtiest places in the planet. This is not because we are a bunch of undisciplined individuals. It is unfair for others like us who maintain at least some level of good moral and right conduct when it comes to waste.  Our cities and towns are dirty because our government authorities lack the will to enforce the laws despite having many rules and regulations on waste management systems produced by our national legislators.

  The problem of solid waste is a matter of national discipline. Just like on many other social problems. Since enforcement of laws on wastes is not strict as it should be, naturally people tend to ignore the laws.

     Lately, however, the national government, through the Department of Interior and Local Government and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, started ordering LGUs to strictly enforce waste management regulations especially in the rural areas.

     In Allacapan, for instance, throwing of a cigarette butt or any waste like candy wrapper etc. is now strictly prohibited. Any person caught will pay a corresponding penalty. This is a good start. This should be legislated in all towns and even barangays in the Philippines.

    Any small piece of non-biodegradable materials thrown at will in anywhere else is a sore in the eye. If that is the kind of thinking that all Filipinos have, then we will simply have a clean environment.

    Here in Flora, the Sangguniang Bayan passed a resolution in 2015 regulating the use of plastic but we don’t know what has happened to this.

     A simple way of caring our environment will help a lot. Awareness campaign in schools and in communities is needed. DepEd should give more emphasis in instilling discipline to the students on waste disposal.

     While they are still young, we have our responsibility to teach them how to REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYCLE waste materials. Our children are our biggest investment into the 3R society. They are the hope and the future of a truly clean environment. When they grow to become national leaders, they are already environmentally minded-individuals equipped with big ideas on how to manage waste in the proper perspective or when they become businessmen, they will be partners of development, partners of environment-friendly technology and become part of the solution instead of  the other way around.

      We need to teach the young because it is truly in this way that national discipline can work in this country.







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