Flora Wins Anew Float Contest On Apayao Day …. Frontpage

 HARDWORK and cooperation just paid off dearly again for Team Flora as it handily won the float contest at the just-concluded 22nd Apayao Foundation Day in Kabugao on Feb. 12-13 winning this category for the second-straight time.

The local delegation also came strong in other contests including Normie Alawin’s first runner-up finish in the Dayag Ti Apayao pageant (Full story on page 3) and third in booth at the Agro-Industrial Trade and Tourism Fair (story on page 6). They also competed in several events of the Panagga-angrad (Indigenous Games) but settled in the consolation bracket.P-1

Flora’s float reflects this year’s Foundation Day theme “Apayao@22: Unity Amidst Diversity” — the people’s natural cooperativeness as in the spirit of the Kabinnulig Festival.

Civic groups, the LGU-family, barangay officials and residents have joined forces in the preparation of the winning float.

The diverse agricultural products of the town was also evident in the decoration.

As expected, fresh flowers dominated the float giving essence to the town’s name. The fresh flowers such as roses, santan, daisy etc. were purchased from Baguio City.

LGU-Flora spent around P150,000 to complete the beautiful float.

On Monday Feb. 20, Mayor Rodolfo B. Juan announced during the flag ceremony that because of the feat, LGU-Flora will be getting a utility sports vehicle (van)  from the provincial government of Apayao as an incentive.

Native Aggays were also part of the float proving that it cares about its cultural heritage and the indigenous people— an Aggay man holding a hand-made bow and arrow at the back of a simulated carabao, which is the symbol of the Kabinnulig spirit.

At the back is the bahay kubo with an Aggay mother with her three girls including a less than a year old baby on breastfeeding. Fruits and vegetables as well as rice and corn and even a live tilapia were displayed all around the float. Another main attraction is a woman working on the old way of weaving or producing the native fabric for ethnic costume.

The popular soft broom product from Barangay San Jose was also part of the decoration and other features worth looking.

The floats were paraded in Kabugao’s main thoroughfares before they were displayed at the Plaza Ground, where the main activities of this year’s celebration were held.

Flora went away with the top prize of P40,000. Sta. Marcela was second for P30,000 and Luna third with P20,000. All the other floats from Calanasan, Pudtol, Conner and host Kabugao took the consolation prize of P1,000 each.

The local delegation also won this competition during the 20th anniversary of the province in Luna. (Last year’s anniversary was observed by each municipality at their home turf.  Flora held it in its poorest and remotest barangay of Upper Atok. KN


BIRTHDAY celebrator, Apayao Lone District Representative Eleanor Bulut-Begtang (4th from right) is joined by a group of well-wishers from Flora during the Thanksgiving Devotion on March 2 in Mawanan, Calanasan. From left front row are Mayor Rodolfo B. Juan, legislative staff Maribel Laforteza, Rociel Ortega, Mrs. Lily Juan, Remy Pascual, SB Aniceta Cacacho, Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose, SB Demetrio Conde, IPMR Richard De |San Jose, SB Florendo Conde, and at the back MENRO Edmar Valiente, SB David Tabbaban Jr., SB Vic Maruquin and SB Jessie Pascua . KN



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