Watching TV, playing games, vendors etc. strictly prohibited in LGU offices

Watching television, playing games and sleeping or staying in kiosks during office hours are just some of the prohibited practices that were discussed during the staff meeting of all employees held July 22 at the ground floor lobby of the municipal hall.

Human Resource Management Officer Catherine Ortega said that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) requires a no lunch break policy.

Accordingly, you can eat but cannot close the door and if clients need assistance then you should attend to them and serve the best way you can.

“One regular employee should stay at the office during lunch break so that the operation will continue.” The department head should set the schedule.

Everyone is reminded to observe cleanliness and orderliness.

With some considerations, employees taking with them their kids in office are advised not to bring them everyday.

Mayor Rodolfo Juan said there should be a breastfeeding room.

Vendors are not allowed to enter the office during working hours especially if someone is coming from other towns.

In relation to this, visitors and clients must log in at the information section to monitor the people entering the offices.

Beggars are also not allowed for security reasons because there might be somebody  pretending but the real purpose is something dangerous.

All employees must wear their identification cards at all times and observe the proper dress code, which is a requirement by the CSC and DILG.

The mayor will issue memorandum to employees found out to be drunk coming into the workplace.

There was a lengthy discussion on punctuality on attendance specifically regarding the use of biometrics but the mayor cut this saying “we are all employees of the government, regardless of status. It is a matter of disciplining ourselves to enter on time.”

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