SB out of town for A WEEKEND GETAWAY

Members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Flora, Apayao and their families and staff spent an overnight  in one of Cagayan Province’s most revered beaches in the town of Sta. Ana, an out-of-town activity that aims to foster strong relationship and camaraderie.


The tide was going low by the time they arrived at the spot — Angib Beach in Barangay San Vicente, a somewhat secluded place in the north-eastern tip of Cagayan Province though it is just one of several highly-commercialized but beautiful tourism destinations there in the town of Sta. Ana.

It was already 11 a.m. and no one dared to get down to the beach immediately because of the scorching sun — besides they have just settled to their assigned rooms after a two-hour drive passing through five towns, scenic highways and tricky zigzag roads.

Most of them are first time visitors.

Despite of this, the fun have already begun as soon as they started cooking or preparing for the lunch.

The hearty buffet, though it came late at about 2:30 p.m., was purely sea foods (fish of different varieties cooked in simple and ordinary ways — sinigang and inihaw) and of course, pineapple, which was really sweet, abundant and very affordable at this time of the year in the area.

What was special was the bonding moments that had just transpired for the group.

About 50 of them including children, they  came with a convoy of several utility vehicles.  They are members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Flora, Apayao led by the presiding officer and Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose as well as their staff and their families.

Fostering camaraderie and building strong working relations are the main reasons that brought them to the place.

Following the three-day three-night activities during the 2016 Kabinnulig Festival (June 20-22), it was bonding moments for them.

This weekend getaway  (June 25-26) is also a treat for themselves and their families and staff after the May 9 elections and their swearing-in ceremony last June 22.

Joining the fun were SB Members David Tabbaban Jr., Jessie Pascua, Vic Maruquin, Aniceta Cacacho, Clapton De San Jose, Demetrio Conde Jr. and Florendo Conde.

Before dusk and the tide was going high, it was a perfect time for most of them to hit the shore.

Some have preferred to stay up at the terrace of the Costales Lodge and Resto Grill where they have stayed overnight for this once-in-a-while experience.

Ex-Officio Member and Indigenous People Mandatory Representative Richard De San Jose hosted the night’s program that included parlor games as he also gave prizes from his personal pocket.

SB Secretary Nicolas Rey De San Jose, staff Maribel Laforteza and guest Erwin Padeway, former SK Federation president Aika De San Jose  were joined by SB Maruquin in entertaining them with their scintillating voices via the videoke machine.

The SB Members teamed up against their staff in several parlor games while IPMR Richard showed some of his magic tricks and other fun activities.

In times like this, each of them are able to discover what strengths and weakness they have outside of the session hall.

This is the main reason why they gathered here for a moment of fun and sense of belongingness.









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