Flora, Apayao

Vice Mayor & Presiding Officer

Jessica L. De San Jose


Committee chairmen/members

  1. Rules and Privileges — David O. Tabbaban Jr. (Chairman), Florendo D. Conde (Vice Chairman), Jessie R. Pascua (Member)

  2. Environment, Ecology, Climate Change and Tourism — Sergio D. Sabbun III (Chairman), Manny Biggayan (Vice Chairman), Florendo D. Conde (Member)

  3. Peace & Order, Public Safety, Human Rights, Social Justice, Transportation and Communication — Vic F. Maruquin (Chairman), Jessie R. Pascua (Vice Chairman), Demetrio D. Conde Jr. (Member)

  4. Agriculture, Trade, Industry and Cooperative — Clapton R. De San Jose (Chairman), Demetro D. Conde Jr. (Vice Chairman), Manny Biggayan

  5. Public Works and Infrastructure — Jessie R. Pascua (Chairman), David O. Tabbaban Jr., Richard U. De San Jose (Member)

  6. Social Welfare (Women, Children, Senior Citizens) — Aniceta T. Cacacho (Chairwoman), Richard U. De San Jose (Vice Chairman), Vic F. Maruquin (Member)

  7. Health, Sanitation, Education and Culture — Demetrio D. Conde Jr. (Chairman), Vic F. Maruquin (Vice Chairman), Sergio D. Sabbun III (Member)

  8. Finance, Appropriation, Ways and Means — Florendo D. Conde (Chairman), Aniceta T. Cacacho (Vice Chairman), Clapton R. De San Jose (Member)

Ex-Officio Members

  1. Richard U. De San Jose — Indigenous People’s Mandatory Representative (IPMR)

  2. Manny Biggayan — President Liga ng mga Barangay (LnB)

  3. SK Federation President




KABINNULIG NEWS is published monthly by the Municipality of Flora, Apayao with temporary editorial office at the 2nd Floor of the Legislatura Building. Contributors are welcomed. Comments and suggestions are also accepted provided that it will uphold moral standards. Letters should be addressed to the Editor. Senders must indicate their name and contact number.
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