Mayor urges everyone to cooperate in proper disposal of waste and recyclable materials

Vol. 1 Issue 7, July 2016, page 2

Mayor Rodolfo Juan is appealing to the people of Flora especially to the municipal employees to contribute in the serious effort to an effective management and proper disposal of solid waste.

      The Mayor announced this during the regular Monday flag ceremony on August 1 saying that it is the policy of the national government that all local government should exert all means to avoid sanctions including being put behind bars.


Sights like the above photo  are soar in the eyes. Service motor vehicles are parked everywhere even blocking the garbage bins and the facility for recyclable materials at the back of the municipal hall. LGU-Flora is embarking on proper and an effective ways to manage the town’s solid waste which must involve all sectors of the community.

Proper waste disposal he said should start from the household.

He reiterated this call during the general staff meeting last July 22 when the issue of cleanliness and orderliness was brought out as one of the office policies required by the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

HRMO Cathy Ortega advised those eating inside the office to make sure that the kitchen utensils nd plastics will be properly washed and disposed off.

The Mayor said the law on solid management segregation (R.A. 9003)  should be observed at all times and advise everybody to practice the Reuse and Recycle ways and “that should start within the office and our houses.”

Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose suggested that the garbage collectors should schedule a collection time for biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials.

On August 15, the Sangguniang Bayan unanimously voted for the approval and adoption of the 10-year Solid Waste Management Plan (2016-2025).

The  comprehensive 10-year plan was discussed during a meeting with all stakeholders later on the same day.

In attendance were members of the local legislature, all department heads of LGU-Flora, all barangay chairmen, representatives from the different schools, police and non-government organizations.






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