Res. #01 – endorse to Hon. Rep. Eleanor Bulut-Begtang request of Teaching Staff of MRCNHS  for livelihood program (Jan. 4)

Res. #02 – endorse to Hon. SP Catalina Galleon request of Parents Teachers Association of MRCNHS for the construction of elevated water tank. (Jan. 4)

Res. #03— concur the appointment of Farah C. Denna as Municipal Accountant (Jan. 11)

Res. #04 – authorize utilization of P150,000 from un-used appropriation of the Office of theMayor to augment training expenses of participants to CARAA 2016. (Jan. 11)

Res. #05 – enacting an ordinance naming the duly constructed Mayor Ricardo De San Jose Senior Citizens Building. –MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE # 01 SERIES 2016 –(Jan. 11)

Res. #06 – enacting an ordinance naming the Municipal Town Plaza at Poblacion East, Flora Apayao into ARDO Freedom Park. – MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE # 02 SERIES 2016 – (Jan. 11)

Res. #07—authorizing Hon. Mayor Rodolfo B. Juan to negotiate for the transfer of ownership of all lands owned by the municipal government named after private individuals in favour of the government. (Jan. 18)

Res. #08 — requesting fund from ANAC-IP Party List Rep. Jose T. Panganiban Jr. or priority programs and projects. (Jan. 18)

Res. #09 — adopting the Annual Investment Plan for 2016 (Feb. 1)

Res. #10 —enacting an ordinance authorizing the Annual Executive Budget for 2016. — APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE NO. 01-2016 (Feb. 1)

Res. #11 —authorizing the municipal Mayor Rodolfo Juan to execute Deed of Donation over a part and parcel of land for the establishment of DILG municipal satellite office… (Feb. 1)

Res. #12 —enacting an ordinance prohibiting the buying and selling of liquor during curfew hours. MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE No. 03-2016. (Feb. 22)

Res. #13) —requesting fund from Dept. of Tourism Sec. Ramon Jimenez Jr. for the improvement of Freedom Park. (Feb. 22)

Res. #14 —requesting fund from Gov. Elias C. Bulut Jr. for the rehabilitation of Tamalunog-Malubibit Sur, San Jose-Balasi farm to market roads. (Feb 29)

Res. #15 —Barangay Balluyan Budget — APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE No. 02-2016 (Feb. 29)

Res. #16 —Barangay Tamalunog Budget — APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE No. 03-2016. (Feb. 29)

Res. #17 —approving the list of anti-poverty reduction projects for 2017. (March 7)

Res. #18 —requesting fund from Apayao Lone District Rep. Eleanor Bulut-Begtang for the improvement of ARDO Freedom Park. (March 7)

Res. #19 —request fund from the governor for improvement of ARDO Freedom Park. (March 7)

Res. #20 —authorize LCE to enter into MOA with DOST-CAR for the implementation of technology intervention on the establishment of a community-based project and processing of nutri-snack foods for school children. (March 21)

Res. #21, #22, #23 and #24 —declare appropriation ordinance un-numbered of 2016 Annual Budget for CY 2016 in Barangays Atok, Pob. East, Allig, and Malubibit Norte operative subject to some conditions. (March 21)

Res. #25 —authorize LCE to enter into MOA with the Information and Communication Technology Office for purpose of using ICT office platform solutions, technology and brand of Tech4EO project. (March 28)


Res. #26 —enact an Ordinance regulating slaughter of large cattle/carabao, adopt price of meat and provide penalty. MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE No. 04-2016 (April 4)

Res. #27 —authorize use of P1,500.000 from the Development Fund (Servicing Public Market) to debt servicing for municipal water system. (April 22)

Res. #28 —reverting P3,457,793.72 appropriated for payment of statutory obligation (debt-servicing for water system) to non-appropriated surplus and re-appropriating the same for payment of Phase I of the Salary Standardization Law (SSL) for officials and employees of LGU-Flora. (April 22)

Res. #29 —adopting the Annual Investment Plan for 2016 (April 22)

Res. #30 —enacting an ordinance appropriating P5,263,446.81 for the payment of the first tranche of the SSL for all officials and employees of LGU-Flora. APPROPRIATION ORDINANCE No. 4-2016 (April 22)

Res. #31 — extend salutation to late Victoriano P. Caluducan, former SB Member and expressing heartfelt sympathy to his beloved family. (May 23)

Res. #32 —requesting the extension of electrical lines at Purok San Roque and Purok Sta. Cruz in Barangay Balluyan. (May 27)

Res. #33 —requesting fund from Gov. Elias C. Bulut for the installation of a solar power street lights along Sampaguita St. (May 27)

Res. #34 —requesting fund from Rep. Eleanor Bulut-Begtang for the installation of solar street lights along Sampaguita St. (May 27)

Res. #35 —request for installation of electrical transformer along the PNP COMPAQ at Forest Park in Bagutong. (May 27)

Res. #36 —adopting internal rules of procedures of the Sangguniang Bayan. (July4)

Res. #37 —authorizing the use of P3,837,058.98 for the partial payment of the first tranche compensation adjustment for local government personnel. (July 11)

Res. #38 —requesting Sec. of Tourism Wanda Corazon Teo for financial assistance to improve ARDO Freedom Park to Eco-Tourism center. (July 11)

Res. #39 —requesting fund from Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, DSWD Sec. Judy Taguiwalo for construction of Bahay Pag-asa Reformation Centre at Eco-Tourism Park. (July 11)

Res. #40 —requesting from Sec. of Energy Alfonso Cusi for financial assistance to electrification of various barangay in Flora. (July 11)

Res. #41 —request fund from Pres. Duterte for implementation of Pabahay Project. (July 11)

Res. #42 —request fund from Sec. of Agriculture Manny Pinol for construction of various farm to market roads. (July 11)

Res. #43 — requesting President Rodrigo Duterte for financial assistance for Spring Development from Paco Valley to Poblacion Flora. (July 11)

Res. #44 —requesting from Senator Manny Pacquiao for financial assistance for the improvement of Dr. Efren U. De San Jose Memorial Sports Center. (July 11)

Res. #45 —requesting Gov. Elias C. Bulut Jr. financial assistance in the construction of Club House at EKB Eco-Tourism Park in Bagutong. (July 11)

Res. #46 —requesting Apayao Rep. Eleanor Bulut-Begtang financial assistance for the construction of clubhouse at EKB Eco-Tourism Park. (July 11)

Res. #47 —authorize Local Chief Executive to enter into MOA with the NFA. (July 11)

Res. #48 — requesting financial fund from ANAC-IP Party List Rep. Jose Panganiban Jr. for hospitalization and educational assistance to poor families. (July 11)

Res. #49 —requesting from DILG Sec. Ismael Sueno to provide one unit fire truck and two units motorcycles for Flora Fire Station and Municipal Police office. (July 11)

Res. #50 —enact an ordinance naming forest park into EKB Eco-Tourism Park. MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE No, 05-2016 (July 11)






















KABINNULIG NEWS is published monthly by the Municipality of Flora, Apayao with temporary editorial office at the 2nd Floor of the Legislatura Building. Contributors are welcomed. Comments and suggestions are also accepted provided that it will uphold moral standards. Letters should be addressed to the Editor. Senders must indicate their name and contact number.
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