Flora’s IRA increases by P11.9 million for 2017

Vol. 1 Issue 7, July 2016, page 2

Flora will be getting a larger share  of its Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) worth P98,454,126 for next fiscal year 2017 with an increase of P11,872,241 as compared to the 2016 figure of P86,581,885.

Liza B. Fangsilat, Director for  Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) of the Department of Budget Management relayed this information in a letter dated July 1 to Mayor Rodolfo B. Juan.

IRA share is computed by two important considerations — number of population  and land area.

The amount of share computed can be used as the indicative IRA level for the purpose of the annual budget of a particular Local Government Unit (LGU).

In the case of fiscal year 2017 LGU budget, the IRA share is computed based on the fiscal year 2010 census of population by the National Statistics Office (NSO).

Flora’s population figure of 2010 is 16,743 and the land area is approximately 354.4 square kilometers (32,440 hectares) representing nine percent of the total land area of Apayao Province.

Purely agricultural, the town consists of 16 barangays namely Poblacion East, Poblacion West, Bagutong, Tamalunog, Malubibit Norte, Malubibit Sur, Anninipan, San Jose, Allig, Sta. Maria, Mallig, Balluyan, Malayugan, Atok, Balasi and Upper Atok.

Vice Mayor Jessica L. De San Jose was glad to learn about the increasing share saying this can contribute to better and more services rendered to the constituents.

Meanwhile, the SB presiding officer is hoping that the appropriated budget for the next fiscal year will be coming as early as possible to avoid what has transpired last time.

A third class municipality, Flora’s 2016 budget was pegged at P102.5 million, which came late by several months before its passage.

Because of the situation, the local legislators have short time deliberating its provisions and passed it immediately because of the urgency.

It was also a transition period in both the executive and legislative branches following the death of then incumbent Mayor Efren De San Jose due to illness.




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