New ordinance lifts suspension of cow/Carabao slaughter

New ordinance lifts suspension of cow/Carabao slaughter

Vol. 1 Issue 4, April 2016

Prices of carabao meat and beef will be strictly enforced following the   recent approval of a new ordinance lifting the     suspension of the      slaughtering of large     cattle in the Municipality of Flora.

     The legislated rates are shown in the table belowPRICESthis article.

During its last regular session on April 4 before going t
o a recess following the election campaign, the Sangguniang Bayan approved Resolution No. 26-2016 enacting an ordinance regulating the slaughtering of large cattle/carabao, adopting prices of meat and providing penalty for violation.

The new ordinance explains that it resolves the issue on the temporary suspension of slaughtering of said domesticated animals due to the Kabinnulig Festival which gives tribute and importance to carabao as a critical partner of farmers in routine agricultural activities, and that such suspension had been abused by some business-minded individuals.

Furthermore, in Municipal Ordinance No. 04-2016 only two large cattle is allowed to be slaughtered in a week with proof of ownership and in a designated slaughterhouse.



SANGGUNIANG Bayan Member Clapton R. De San Jose (right), Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Trade, Industry and Cooperative, discusses several issues regarding an ordinance regulating the slaughtering of large cattle during a committee hearing on March 9 attended by stakeholders that included Flora MPS chief Robert Balunos, vendor Marissa Usita, Municipal Treasurer Lorna Ulep and  Agriculture Office head Evelyn Cabulay. Also present are SB Secretary Nicolas Rey De San Jose, legislative staff Arnel Cayetano, Noelle Rodriguez and Maribel Laforteza.

Performing such activities outside the slaughter area is prohibited.

A large cattle that is allowed to be slaughtered must be three years and above with corresponding penalties against those who slaughter cattle below the age limit.

Before any slaughtering activity is done, proper inspection by concern government agents such as police officer, Sanitary Inspector and municipal agriculturist.

Also for further clarification, it is also an obligation for anyone who was given a permit to slaughter to preserve the horn and brand portion of the animal that includes owner’s mark.

In cases where an animal below three years old has been severely wounded through accident or intentional, such must also be subjected to proper inspection and shall not be allowed for commercial consumption.

Anyone with business permit is not allowed to interfere in the disposal.    The owner shall be responsible for it.

The new ordinance also regulates the exit of large cattle from the municipality.

Only permittee is allowed to transport large cattle upon compliance with the requirements.

It also prohibits transporting of said animals during nighttime otherwise they will be apprehended.

Checkpoints will be set-up in all exit areas such as Layunin, Catabu and Catarawan, Tamalunog, Allig, Malayugan, Nagurayan and Atok.

Penalties against violators include P1,000 for first offense, P1,500 for second offense and P2,500 and cancellation of Mayor’s Permit to operate business for third offense.



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