SB junks request renaming Sampaguita St. to EKB avenue

Vol. 1 Issue No. 5 MAY 2016 … page 7

The Sangguniang Bayan of Flora shelved the proposal by Mayor Rodolfo B. Juan to change the official name of the town’s main thoroughfare  from Sampaguita Street to Elias K. Bulut Avenue during a special session on May 27.

With a count of 5-2-1 (No-Neutral-Yes) from all members present, Vice Mayor and presiding officer Jessica De San Jose immediately declared a rejection of the request.

SB Sergio Sabbun III called for a division of the house during which the presiding officer gave each SB Member time to present his/her position on the issue.

The Vice Mayor reasoned out that since all of them had already stated their side, it is moot and academic that the request could not be made for adoption.


Those who  said NO were Clapton De San Jose, Aniceta Cacacho, Demetrio Conde, Cristelita Putulan, Richard De San Jose and Florendo Conde.

SB Pascua was in favor of the Resolution while Sabbun and David Tabbaban wants a review of the existing ordinance and amend it if necessary.

SB Clapton De San Jose proposed that there should instead be another infrastructure project to be named to give honor and respect for the late governor for his contribution to the development of Flora.

IPMR Richard De San Jose reiterated his position not to change the names of streets from flowers because of the simple reason that of the town’s name itself which means flower.

Besides he said that if the SB starts granting request to change the names of street to names of persons, it would put the legislative body into a difficult situation when  it would be asked again and again for other similar request in the future.

SB Demetrio Conde agreed with this position and said no to the request by the Mayor on the renaming of Sampaquita St.




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