29 units collected from blood donors

Vol. 1 Issue 4, April 2016

A total of 129 units of blood had been collected so far after a series of bloodletting activities in separate barangay venues in the Municipality of Flora.Untitled7

     This was a joint-effort by the Department of Health in Apayao Province, the Rural Health Unit of Local Government Unit-Flora and Barangay-LGU.

The blood (500cc per unit) has been deposited to the Far North

PHOTO CAPTION: Staff from the Department of Health and Rural Health Unit of LGU-Flora do their job at bloodletting activity. Donors include members of the Civilian Armed Force Geographical Unit based in the area as shown in this photo. Three youngsters enjoying  the  activities at the Barangay Gym on March 17.

Luzon General Hospital and Training Center Blood Bank in Quirino, Luna.

Based on the data provided by the Rural Health Unit Medical Technologist Chariebee Cuecaco, the total 2015 figures show that 68 units of blood were collected from donors during activities at Anninipan and Poblacion East.

The 2016 data show that 61 units have been collected from donors at Malayugan on March 17 and Tamalunog on March 18.

As per barangay accomplishment, the data shows the collected units are the following: Atok 4, Tamalunog 6, Poblacion West 3, Poblacion East 8, Malubibit Sur 5, Malubibit Norte 3, Bagutong 1, Malayugan 22, Balluyan 3, Mallig 2, Sta. Maria 1, Anninipan 2 and San Jose 1,

There were 110 potential donors screened but some were deferred. The target for eligible blood donors is two percent of total population in each barangay every year.

Cuecaco said that the interval of blood donation is at least 60 days from the date that a donor has been last taken.

The Barangay-LGU shall provide the meals and snacks for all participants.

Each donor had been given a  Card, certifying the bearer as member of the FNLGHTC-Blood Bank’s Donor Club and that he/she has donated blood on the dates indicated in the card. For more information, please call/text 09262026307 or        e-mail fnlghtc@yahoo.com.




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