United administration line-up in 2016


Vol. 1 Issue No. 1 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2015

 Running under the   Liberal Party banner, the incumbents have joined forces for next year’s May 9 polls with Mayor Rodolfo Bautista Juan and Vice Mayor Jessica Luna De San Jose unopposed and the eight Sangguniang  Bayan Members to face five other aspirants outside of the united administration line-up.

     Mayor Juan and Vice Mayor De San Jose filed their  Certificate of Candidacy (COC) at the same time in the morning on October 15 along with all the incumbent SB Members except for second termer Sergio Deza Sabbun III, who was the last aspirant to file at 2:10 p.m on the last day of filing on Oct. 16.


SHOW OF FORCE: In a simple proclamation, administration candidates under Liberal Party show their Certificates of Candidacy minutes after filing at the local COMELEC  office on Oct. 15 for next year’s national and local elections. From right are Mayor Rodolfo  Juan, Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose, Sangguniang Members Aniceta Cacacho, Cristelita Putulan, Florendo Conde, Demetrio Conde, Jessie Pascua, David Tabbaban Jr., Clapton De San Jose and Sergio Sabbun III, who filed on the last day Oct. 16. Also shown here are (from left) PO1 Mae Angelie Roque, Election Officers Maricel Tolentino and Elizabeth Galario.                                                 (editorial photo)


 Completing the administration line-up are incumbents Clapton Rodriguez  De San Jose, Aniceta Tabili Cacacho, Florendo Domingo Conde, Jessie Rigon      Pascua, Cristelita Aguda Putulan,     Demetrio Domingo Conde Jr. and  Ex-Officio Member David Oloraza Tabbaban Jr.

The Mayor explained that Tabbaban was selected by way of the equity of incumbency. He is currently the Vice President of the Liga ng mga Baranggay (LnB) of Flora.

Richard Usita De San Jose is the other Ex-Officio Member who is the Mandatory Representative of Indigenous People and will automatically sit anew in the local legislature as mandated by law.

The first candidate to file his COC at COMELEC was Vic F.   Maruquin of Bagutong at exactly 10:35 a.m. on the third day of filing on Oct. 14.

Maruquin is running under the Nationalist Peoples Coalition (NPC) along with Baranggay chairmen  Marcial Tacmo Pablo of Balluyan and Dionisio Agaran Fernandez of Malubibit Norte, who also both filed their certificates  on Oct. 14.

     Pablo and Fernandez will end their last term of office in October 2016 as Punong Baranggay.

Another NPC candidate seeking for an SB seat is Julius Amanflor Pulpulaan Aguilar of Poblacion East, who filed on Oct. 15.

The only aspirant running as an Independent is Beldion Dudoc Balanan of Atok who filed in the morning on Oct. 16.

A few minutes after filing their COCs, the Mayor led a simple proclamation rite for the             composition of the administration line-up who will be running under the LP.

But four days before the start of   filing, Mayor Juan invited all political leaders to a meeting and heard their intentions for the upcoming local and national polls.

Right there and then on Oct. 8 at the Municipal Training Center the Mayor announced that all incumbents will be part of the administration line-up.

The SB incumbents were informed by the Mayor that their nomination by the LP is already confirmed. This was during the regular legislative session on Oct.12, which was the first day of filing of COCs.

It would be recalled that there was a prior arrangement that Mayor Juan and Vice Mayor De San Jose will be running under one ticket.

The tandem was realized following an initiative by the mayor for a unity talk with the De San Jose family when he personally invited Apayao Gov. Elias C. Bulut Jr. to sit with them along with some SB Members and Baranggay officials on Aug. 26.

The result was immediately announced at the inauguration of the newly-built Bagutong Gymnasium on the same day.







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