The year that was

Vol. 1 Issue No. 2 January-Fwbruary 2016 …page 2

Despite the tragic events, the Municipality of Flora had accomplished great strides in its socio-economic well-being, brighter prospects in the political front, a community working hand-in-hand for a peaceful co-existence and a local government leadership striving to deliver the basic services to the people in the most effective way thus creating a positive outlook in the year that was.

   The untimely demise of Dr. Efren U. De San Jose in July installed a new leadership both in the executive and legislative branches — Rodolfo B. Juan as mayor and Jessica L. De San Jose as vice mayor.

    Before he died, it was Dr. Efren who pushed Mayor Juan to forge a political unity in Flora. This dream could not have been possible if not for the conscientious minds of husband and wife Richard and Jessica.  Their willingness to give way should always be remembered in the annals of Flora politics.

  The swift change of leadership signals a new style of administration which is energizing the local bureaucracy yet giving the people a better public service.

     Aside from implementing the projects left behind by the late Dr. Efren, the municipality has been undergoing major face-lifting activities as well as installing more facilities.

    Though not fully satisfactory, we must thank the FWSS for struggling to improve its service and provide us with potable water supply.

     Several paved street roads and of course, most of the main road or the national road will be concreted, hopefully by end of next year.

     Many of our barangay roads are also on the stage of completion. These farm-to-market-roads are very vital to the progress not only of our municipality but to help uplift the standard of living for our people especially in interior barangays. These and many other infrastructure projects are important.

     In the community service aspect, Poblacion East remained the most peaceful barangay in Cordillera. The barangay council headed by Manny Biggayan are highly commendable for their untiring efforts in ensuring our safety.   

      Taking a cue from the names of its seven puroks (Layunin, Bagong Silang, Buklod, Saranay, Maganda, Mabuhay), Poblacion East is no wonder the most peaceful place to live.

       Another front giving honors to our beloved town is the Flora Central School for consistently making itself as the nation’s best implementer of the Brigada Eskwela.

        These and other issues have marked another colorful chapter in our town’s history.

         Also born last year, was Kabinnulig News, the official publication of the Municipality of Flora that provides information on the everyday dealings of the LGU, the goings-on in our school campuses and how the community interact with each other to create a healthy and peaceful environment.

      We challenge every Flora citizen to contribute in making our municipality’s dreams and visions a reality.    




KABINNULIG NEWS is published monthly by the Municipality of Flora, Apayao with temporary editorial office at the 2nd Floor of the Legislatura Building. Contributors are welcomed. Comments and suggestions are also accepted provided that it will uphold moral standards. Letters should be addressed to the Editor. Senders must indicate their name and contact number.
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