One Big Family Happy Together

Vol. 1 Issue No. 1 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2015

 Despite of all the shouting and taunting and even complaining it was fun, fun and fun at the CSC Games. 

     Just as they have assembled and crowded the venue, their laughter reverberated in the atmosphere. The teasing between opposing teams never stops. Sweet smiles reigned. It was pleasing to the eyes.


     But the Games have not started yet.

      Sporting a new orange-white uniform, the cream of the crop of employees of the Municipality of Flora enjoyed the day-long activity culminating the 115th Anniversary Celebration of the Philippine Civil Service Commission at the Dr. Efren U. De San Jose Memorial Sports Center on October 9.

     The Human Resource Management office headed by Catherine B. Ortega deserves a pat in the back shoulders for organizing the event.

     Credit should also be given to Vice Mayor Jessica L. De San Jose for serving as the moderator and the department heads for bringing the bulk of their staff.

     The theme for this year’s celebration is “Kayang-Kaya Mo; Lingkod Bayani!”

             Aimed to foster camaraderie and sportsmanship, the event kicked-off with a tree-planting at the Municipal Forest Park in Bagutong, where over 400 seedlings were dispersed including fire tree, dweg, rambutan, bugnay and cacao.  Right there and then, festive mood started the Friday activities. 

     At the Games, the Vice Mayor thanked the employees for showing-up and urged them to actively participate in all the events contested but maintain sportsmanship.

     Divided into three teams (Blue, Green and Yellow), they competed in 17 different friendly games.

      Breaking the pot is one of the crowd-favorites.  Longest line, eating apple, egg relay, breaking the egg, catching the egg and shooting the basketball were also hotly-contested. Also spicing-up the event were sack race, drinking coke, drinking beer, shooting straw relay, most coins collected and dragon’s tail.

     The day’s finale was the building tower competition. Attendance for the day was also included in the ranking system.

     Blue Team emerged champion placing first in nine of the 17 events contested, second in five other categories and third in two others.

     Green Team was second over-all with 4-6-7 first-second-third placing and Yellow Team had 4-5-7 count.

    The day was too short for a once-in-a-year activity as they craved for more, though it was enough for a chance to gather as one big happy family enjoying fun together.







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