SB sees defects causing water shortage

Vol. 1 Issue 1 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2015

Major defects at the pumping station of the Flora Water   Supply System (FWSS) are the main reasons why there is a heavy shortage of water supply    according to the discovery by the Sangguniang Bayan      following a recent ocular    inspection at its site in Brgy. Bagutong.

     Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Rep. Richard De San Jose suggested the visit to the pumping station during the regular session on Oct. 12.


OCULAR INSPECTION: SB Incumbent Clapton De San Jose points at the unprotected water level meter as FWSS Board Member Arnel Cayetano looks on.                                              (editorial photo)



He said it was an effort to assist a request by Municipal Administrator Nonito G. Vicente to approve a Resolution that would put-up a perimeter fence there to protect the deep well from obstructions. Vicente is the head of the interim Policy Governing Body (PGB).

With all members present including Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose and                accompanied by Vicente, they found out that the GENSET that has been stalled by contractor AGAFER is ineffective.

Also invited to witness the visit was Municipal Engr. Alvin Aceret and SB Legislative Officer Arnel Cayetano, both members of the PGB.

They said that the generator is actually not functioning due to mechanical defects resulting  to water interruptions whenever there is a power outage.

IP Rep. Richard said the reason why the GENSET is ineffective is that it is actually an old model unit instead of a brand new generator.

He said that just a month   after it was installed the generator was not functioning properly or often times not at all.

He reasoned out that the 25HP (horse power) capability of the installed modified GenSet could only produce a measly 2HP force adding that a stronger pressure must have been expected of it.

They will recommend to the contractor a total replacement for a brand new GenSet..

Other recommendations made were for the steel pipe to be higher and that the powerhouse should also be on an upper level because when the Apayao River comes to its fullest force the facility is flooded or might even be submerged.

The SB said this has to be done because the end users are absorbing the impact of the water outages.

There is also a need to look for a second well source.

Vice Mayor Jessica L. De San Jose said there is a need to assure smooth flow of water supply to the public and at the same time a need to improve the system because this is an economic enterprise for the municipality.





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