Little Mr. East, Miss West win search 2016

Vol. 1 Issue No. 6, JUNE 2016, page 6-7

Jave Riezzon Palilio of Poblacion East and Princess Zeirelle Cabalang of Poblacion West both grabbed two special awards on their way to winning the Search for Little Mr. & Miss Flora 2016 during the finale night of this year’s Kabinnulig Festival at the Dr. Efren U. De San Jose Memorial Sports Center.

Palilio was adjudged best in production number and Mr. Photogenic. He won the top prize of P5,300 and additional P300 for each special award.

Tyrhaine Jazz Ligwang of Atok became the first runner-up taking home P4,300.

Daren Clark Guillermo of Poblacion West, who won the best in formal attire, settled for second runner-up and got P3,800 plus P300 for the special award.

Jaylord Desagun of Balasi managed for third runner-up for a prize of P3,300.

Bagutong’s Mark Justine Sadama, who won best in swimwear and most articulate, was fourth runner-up for a total cash prize of P3,400.

Best in creative talent went to Balluyan’s John Alfon Articulo, who joined 10 other contestants in the consolation bracket. He pocketed a total of P1,600.

The others were John Gerald Cabison of Allig, George Francis Estrelles of Anninipan, Zcyross Hero Gamayon of Malayugan, Jhon Mark Andres of Mallig, Melchor Cortez of Malubibit Norte, Mark Jhosan Umoso of Malubibit Sur, Adrian Jhash Felimon of San Jose, Xyrus Chris Saludares of Sta. Maria  and Jhaybee Deza of Tamalunog,  All went home with P1,300.

In the girls’ side, Little Miss Flora 2016 Princess Cabalang of Poblacion West also totaled her winning prize to P5,900 that included her taking the best in creative talent and best in production number.

Wendy Guillermo of Bagutong was first runner-up as well as taking the special award for most articulate. She got a total of P4,600.

Second runner-up Ziona Elouise Caceres of Tamalunog went away with the best in swimwear and best in gown for a total prize of P4,400.

Third runner-up Laexhandrea Braile Balantac of Poblacion East won P3,300 and fourth runner-up Crisha Santiago of Sta. Maria pocketed P2,800.

Miss photogenic was Balasi’s Princess Ares, who won P300 and consolation prize of P1,300.

The other contestants got consolation prizes — Lei Ezra Pascua of Allig, Chelle-Cee Shane Corpuz of Anninipan, Lyka Canipar of Atok, Haniah Faith Corpuz of Balluyan, Battad of Malayugan, Riza Mae Barbero of Mallig, Cianne Laigne Felipe of Malubibit Norte, Kim Alibuyog of Malubibit Sur and Hasley Jane Quilop of San Jose.

The talent presentation was done at the opening day of the three-day town fiesta on June 20 with Apayao’s lone district Represenative Eleanor Bulut-Begtang as special guest of honor.

Begtang recalled when one-day she also wanted to join a similar contest in her childhood but her late father told her that if she joins she must make sure to win.

Instead she hide from her father but came to the rescue of her mother. That experience she said made her realized later how important that parents must always guide their children as they grow old.

Winning or the accumulation of material things should not be the most important thing in life she said.

“What is more important is the people who love you and those whom you will meet along the way,” she said.








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