Kabinnulig float contest:


Vol. 1 Issue No. 6, page 8-9

Barangay Balasi won the annual float competition at the 2016 Kabinnulig Festival for the second straight year with its float simply featuring agricultural products found in the community as stated in the guidelines for the contest.

Balasi is one of the town’s poorest villages and the concentration of Agta tribe.

With a its theme “Dur-as Flora” (Progress for Flora), Balasi’s float this year featured native craftsmanship like the salakot (native hat), bahay-kubo, local fruits (banana, betel nut and common vegetables).

It has also fern plants, a favorite edible vegetable usually sold by the Agtas.

Balasi’s float was unique in itself because it was the only entry that used a small carabao image unlike all the other barangays which used the traditional farm-help as a main attraction.

The small carabao was placed on top of a bamboo-crafted cage that covered the engine of the   kuliglig.

Organizers strictly required all entries to use Kuliglig or tora-tora for this year.

Brgy. Chairman Romeo M. Calip received the first prize of P20,000 cash plus P100,000 worth of project  during the finale night of the Festival on June 22 at the Dr. Efren U. De San Jose Memorial Sports Center.

Bagutong used a white and brown colored carabao towering at the middle of a rice farm.

Like all the other floats, featured its main products like squash, watermelon and corn and other vegetables.

Bagutong also received the second prize of P10,000 cash plus P75,000 worth of project.

Malayugan got P8,000 cash plus P50,000 worth of project as it used a cow as main attraction instead of the carabao, a bahay kubo, corn and other fruits such as banana, coconut, etc.

All the other barangays have joined the contest.

The floats were assembled at  the FNHS circle before they paraded around the main streets of Flora and the floats were displayed in front of the municipal hall for the judging and public viewing on June 21.

Criteria for judging were authenticity (tourism factor), quality (durability/difficulty), detail (craftsmanship), originality/uniqueness and color (visual impact).

The board of judges included Provincial Tourism Officer Rebecca T. Mamba, LGOOV-DILG Wilnelia M. Aceret, Chief of Police Robert Balunos, LGU-Sta. Marcela’s Planning Officer Noemi Pena and Hon. Clapton De San Jose.








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