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The Catalyst

Vol. 1 Issue No. 6, JUNE 2016 … page 4 

For the past three years, a job fair is held during the Kabinnulig Festival. In fact, it has become a major event in the annual celebration of Flora’s founding anniversary.

     Although there were few job applicants this year compared to the considerable number of people who joined during the past two events as observed by job fair coordinator Mira Cascayan of the Assessor’s office, there is a need to keep this as one of the main attractions of the festival.

     There should be more publicity to attract more applicants. More companies should also be invited.

    Holding a job fair is a vital program that can give the people of Flora especially the youth an opportunity to prepare themselves for their future.

    Cascayan reported a total of five companies from Tuguegarao City, Isabela Province and Metro Manila.

     They were Pacific Star International from Santiago City, Isabela; PhilQuest Philippines fron Tuguegarao; Marion International Manpower Agency from Tuguegarao; S&D Manpower Services Inc. from Tuguegarao; and Good Day Recruitment from Taguig City.

     The good thing about it is that all the participating companies are guaranteed to be accredited by or registered with the Department of Labor (DOLE) and the Philippine Overseas and Employment Administration (POEA). This would mean that the applicants are free from illegal recruiters.

     But most of the jobs offered by these companies are for overseas placement for skilled workers.

     Companies that cater to domestic jobs should also be invited to join.

    Government agencies must also opened their doors by placing a booth during the fair. 

                                                                             –  – – – –      

In this special issue, we are compelled to dedicate our time and effort for Kabinnulig Festival.

     Due to the numerous events, we are also compelled to put additional pages. So we are extending our apology for printing limited copies of this 16-page June 2016 edition  (Vol. 1 Issue No. 6) by cutting half of the average 200 copies per issue we have in the first five issues of the 8-page regular edition.

          However, we are glad to remind that you can browse our webpage and enjoy reading all the articles and seeing the photos by logging on at



 Teaching staff from DepEd read an issue of KABINNULIG NEWS during the opening day of the 2016 Kabinnulig Festival at the Dr. Efrten U. De San Jose Memorial Sports Center.





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