FNHS: Celebrating 21 years of nurturing the youth

Vol. 1 Issue 4, JUNE 2016 … page 4-5

Flora National High School (FNHS) has just celebrated its 21st founding anniversary with a colorful and elaborative ceremonies, demonstrative modern, mixed and traditional dances by the students as well as sports activities, talent shows and singing contest last March 11-12 closing another chapter to its history while looking forward to a seemingly brighter future ahead.

     Municipal officials led by Mayor Rodolfo Juan, Vice Mayor Jessica De San Jose and Members of the Sangguniang Bayan joined parents, teachers and visitors at the grandstand to witness each grade level performances.


In his speech, Mayor Juan promised to help facilitate the construction of the covered court worth P1.5 million with a counterpart fund by the school amounting to P500,000.

Vice Mayor De San Jose said that the local legislative council will provide more scholarship grants to indigent but deserving students next school year.

 Mrs. Jaqueline Tomas took charge in the traditional reading of FNHS rich history.



It has been a long dream of the people of Flora, especially the late Municipal Mayor Ricardo De San Jose to have a trade school in town, thus in 1988, the local legislature passed a resolution requesting for its creation and be named Flora School of Arts and Trade.

Townsfolk were so excited for its opening on June 3, 1994 as the LGU was pressured for its operation. The SB has requested affiliation with Kalinga-Apayao School of Arts and Trade (KASAT-Conner) and named it to KASAT-Flora Annex under LGU budget and operation.

The stage of the Flora Gym and the multi-purpose building were used as classrooms for 130 enrollees with four teachers and Charlito Bistayan taking charge of the situation in his capacity as Community Affairs Officer II.

This inconvenient situation led to the immediate construction of a two-room building at its present site, the fund was actually realigned from a supposedly elementary school classroom. It was during those times also that PTCA officers initiated a request from then Congressman Elias K. Bulut to donate a fund for a basketball court.

With the financial burden at stake, the SB continued to lobby Congress for making the school a truly independent national high school. This was realized on May 3, 1997 upon the passage of House Bill 1003, creating the FNHS known as RA 8283.


Increasing enrollment

Enrollment has increased by leaps and bounds through the years and the number of teachers and related staff have increased as well as funding and class rooms.

FNHS has produced its first 97 graduates on March 31, 1998.

Fulfilling its mission of nurturing the youth to make them contributors to nation building, FNHS became Apayao’s first recipient of a building project from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through the initiative of Mr. Victorino Agmata during SY 1998-1999.

Pilot school for

academic excellence


As it continues to grow big, the school was declared as a pilot school for academic excellence during the SY 1999-2000.

Despite the dramatic decrease of enrollment in SY 2000-2001, FNHS remained steadfast in ensuring the educational well-being of the youth.

It was in 2005 when massive changes in terms of physical facilities, academic development , personnel and other related improvements were initiated by then Principal Remigio Tomas.

In 2010, the Engineering and Special Science Education Program (ESSEP now STE) was established.

This is considered one of the most significant accomplishments of the school to address further the upliftment of quality education under a science-oriented curriculum. Students under this program have to pass a corresponding examination to determine their readiness.

A young native of Flora, Danilo Cudiamat, was deployed as principal in SY 2013.


A working credo


“….continuous changes remain the working credo of all the personnel. Student’s performance and achievement were improved through the introduction of various programs and activities which address the needs of the masses.”

In his opening remarks, Cudiamat reminded the huge crowd about Jose Rizal’s famous line “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.”

     Well said Sir!!!   Happy Anniversary and May You Continue to Grow and Guide our Youth to Make them the True Hope of this Troubled Nation!!! (Story and photos by N.A. Rodriguez Jr.)








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