“Exercise your right, vote with your heart” —Rep. Eleanor Bulut-Begtang

Vol. 1 Issue 4, April 2016


WOMEN IN THE FRONTLINE: At left of photo is Rep. Eleanor Bulut-Begtang with Vice Mayor Jessica L. De San Jose during the singing of the national anthem at the proclamation rally for all candidates for local posts in the Municipality of Flora as well as the aspirants in the Province of Apayao held at the Barangay Allig Gymnasium on March 29, 2016.


By Nazario A. Rodriguez Jr.

The top two public officials in Apayao, siblings Eleanor Bulut-Begtang and Elias C. Bulut Jr, have vowed to continue the kind of leadership that their father has started in the province as they also begged for support to whom they would vote as president in an obviously contrasting fashions during the Proclamation Rally in Barangay Allig, Flora on March 29.

     Bulut-Begtang, the incumbent Representative in the lone district of Apayao in the Lower House, and Bulut Jr., the incumbent governor, are running unopposed in the upcoming May 9 elections along with vice gubernatorial aspirant Remy Albano and most of the mayors and vice mayors from the different municipalities.


The Bulut siblings teamed-up with  Albano, Board Member aspirants for Second District (Lower Apayao) Benny Alipay, Donato  Balag, Mcleen Julian and Myla Ballesteros to form the Liberal Party-Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) Coalition.

Wearing a green t-shirt which is the NPC color, the Congresswoman thanked the people of Flora for continuously supporting her family and the trust to their able leadership which she said gives them more chance to continue serving the province.

She immediately went on to ask the audience whom they should vote as president saying she is supporting Pres. Aquino’s anointed LP bet Mar Roxas but she got an overwhelming yes vote from the crowd for United Nationalist Alliance standard bearer   Jejomar Binay.

Though she said she is running under the NPC, she is boldly campaigning for Roxas here in Flora mainly because of the Aquino administration’s huge accomplishments in Apayao especially in infrastructure development.

In contrast, the governor who wore the yellow LP color, also started assessing the crowd’s pulse for the presidency and the same overwhelming support for Binay was obvious then he kidded that he is also for Mar and later corrected it to Jejomar to the applause of an estimated over a thousand  people in attendance.

Bulut-Begtang singled-out the conversion of the provincial road to national road which she has authored and will be cemented soon. This is the Ayaga-Sta. Marcela-Flora–Lasam road.

She also mentioned other mega road projects that would connect all the municipalities in the province such as the Marrag-Solsona and Pudtol-Conner-Kabugao roads

She said she is fully aware in the sincerity of Roxas for pubic service.

For vice president, she gave voters their own choice. Still she is campaigning for LP’s Lennie Robredo, a colleague in the lower house and also wanted support for the LP Senatorial slate.

At home, she wanted board member Myla Ballesteros to be re-elected because she said there must be a woman to work for the interest of the women in the province.

She was thankful that there is unity in each town now and this is what she wanted to be developed among all mayors and public officials in the province.

Aspirants for Sta. Marcela were also present led by incumbents mayor and vice mayor Rolly Guiang and Evelyn Martinez respectively.

Some aspirants from Conner and Kabugao also graced the occasion.

Echoing a slogan from his father, Elias K. Bulut Sr., known as the father of Apayao, she told the people that counting all the accomplishments is not that important anymore but the will and effort to look for what must be done for the betterment of the community is more crucial.

Thus, she assured that when she is back in Congress she will make all plans for better service to the people of Apayao into reality and not just promises.

After the delayed two-hour campaign activity, a late lunch at the house of Mayor Juan was held for the candidates where campaign funds were partitioned.





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